Going with the flow

How much water does your family use in a day?

The answer may surprise you, because we’re not just talking about your daily home use — showers, laundry, toilet, etc. blue_wave_of_water — of about 300 gallons. We’re talking about all the other products you use or consume that required water for their creation.

An interesting National Geographic webpage allows you to take a closer look at the impact water has on the things we use every day. For instance, did you know it takes about 1,799 gallons of water for just 1 pound of beef? That 1 gallon of milk requires about 880 gallons of water, and a gallon of wine requires 1,008 gallons of water? A pound of potatoes requires 119 gallons of water; a pound of corn takes about 108 gallons. About 713 gallons of water went into that T-shirt you’re wearing; and the apple you had with lunch took about 18 gallons of water to get to your plate.

 It’s an illuminating look at the hidden role water plays in our daily lives, and it’s worth a look just to remind us that water is a critical part of our lives.