LCA & Allentown – Working Together for You!


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The public’s health, the quality of our local waterways, and our region’s economic future all depend on having a sustainable water and sewer system!

Lehigh County Authority (LCA) and the City of Allentown are pleased to announce we have reached a settlement ending years of disputes and litigation and solidifying our partnership on the concession lease of Allentown’s water and sewer utility systems through 2063.

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Settlement Agreement Documents

Presentation to LCA Board of Directors – July 20, 2020

“This agreement goes a long way toward renewing the sense of partnership between LCA and the City, which will bring benefits to the entire region. Ensuring the city’s water and sewer system can be maintained and costs fairly distributed to all users is critical to ensuring the public’s health and the region’s quality of life is protected.”

Liesel Gross, Chief Executive Officer