Project Updates

Lead Pipe Replacement – Pilot Project (City of Allentown)

Learn more about the lead pipe replacement project.

South Mountain Reservoir – Maintenance & Upgrade Project

Over an eight-week period in the summer of 2023, the 30-million-gallon South Mountain Reservoir underwent cleanout and rehabilitation, a collaborative effort between Lehigh County Authority, Utility Service Company, Diefenderfer Electric, and the City of Allentown. The project added four new mixers to keep water moving inside the structure and improve water quality.

The rehab included replacing valve actuators used to control the inflow and outflow of water, along with electrical upgrades to operate them. The reservoir was originally built in 1937!

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PA DEP inspected the work, and the reservoir is back in service today, resuming its job to send high-quality tap water to customer homes!

Water Filtration Plant Upgrades

New components at the Water Filtration Plant in Allentown improve reliability and resiliency!
Click here to learn more about this important project and why it was needed.

Heidelberg Heights Sanitary Sewer System Evaluation & Improvements

Customer Information

Click here to learn more about the PA DEP-mandated Corrective Action Plan for Heidelberg Heights Sewer System, along with details on smoke testing and the home inspection program that began in the fall of 2022.

Heidelberg Heights Development – Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement Project

Lehigh County Authority will be replacing portions of the sanitary sewer main in the Heidelberg Heights Development. LCA will coordinate the project schedule and make every effort to minimize interruptions to wastewater service. During our work customers may notice construction noise and vehicles, public parking restrictions, uneven road surfaces, and temporary wastewater service disruptions. Forty-eight hours prior to any such service disruptions, LCA will contact you by phone and/or door hanger at your property and share the specific construction schedule.