Project Updates

Suburban Division – Water Meter Reading Equipment Upgrade – Project Details

Beginning in July, Lehigh County Authority (LCA) has contracted with SAKS Metering to conduct a mandatory meter reading equipment upgrade program in our Suburban Division. The program includes modifying the meter readout equipment typically located on the outside of properties, usually near the electric meter placement on the dwelling. In most cases, the current meter readout is a white plastic box, which may display the word “Sensus” on the front, wired electronically to the actual water meter located inside your home.

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Heidelberg Heights Development – Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement Project

Lehigh County Authority will be replacing portions of the sanitary sewer main in the Heidelberg Heights Development, which will kick off in late July to early August this year. The project is expected to continue through October 2019. LCA will be coordinating the project schedule and will make every effort to minimize interruptions to wastewater service. When our work begins customers may notice construction noise and vehicles, public parking restrictions, uneven road surfaces and temporary wastewater service disruptions. Forty-eight hours prior to any such service disruptions, LCA will contact you by phone and/or door hanger at your property, and will share the specific construction schedule with you. Check out the link below to view a map of the project scope.

View a map of this project.