Lead Pipe Replacement – Pilot Project

Lehigh County Authority is Working to Get Lead Water Service Lines Out of the City of Allentown!

Allentown Pilot Project

Removing lead pipes is an important public health project, and we hope you will help! Lead is not naturally found in our water supplies but can get into your drinking water if you have lead pipes or lead solder joints in your home. Learn more by viewing an EPA graphic on sources of lead in drinking water.

Lead is toxic to humans and consuming it through your drinking water can lead to a number of serious health concerns. Exposure to lead poses the greatest risk of health problems to pregnant women and children ages 6 and under, as studies have shown that it can slow normal mental and physical development.  

Our pilot pipe replacement project, launching with service line inspections this fall, will reach a small section of the city and help us plan future projects to remove lead service lines.

Customers impacted by the pilot project will be contacted directly by LCA through the mail, door hangers, and phone calls. Customers should be sure to read all of the information shared and contact LCA if you have questions.

We need your help!

You play an important role in the process of removing lead from the water system. Check out this video from the EPA to learn more:

Watch the EPA video in Spanish.

Mandatory Water Service Line Inspections

Service line inspections will begin in the fall of 2023, and will help LCA build an inventory of lead pipe locations. Customers will be notified when our crews will be in your area so you are prepared for the knock at your door. Additional information about the inspections is outlined below:

  • A phone notice will be issued prior to our crews beginning the inspections on your block.
  • Our teams drive white vehicles with the LCA logo. They will be wearing apparel with the logo and photo identification, which you may ask to see. You may contact LCA to verify our crew is in your area if you have concerns. Call 610-437-7515.
  • Someone 18 years of age or older must be present to allow access to the home. 
  • If we miss you, we will leave a door hanger notification and you can schedule an inspection time that works for you. Schedule an appointment now.
  • The area around the water meter, usually in the basement, should be clear for the inspection.  
  • Depending on the location of the meter, the inspection will take approximately 15-30 minutes. The crew will record data and take photographs.  
  • Information about the inspection results will be provided to you.  
  • Once all the inspections in your neighborhood have been completed, we will provide information about which homes qualify for the free lead service line replacement program and the next steps in the process.  
  • Service line replacements will begin in Spring 2024.

Customer Notices

Read the Initial Notice – mailed Nov. 2023

After Service Line Replacement

Important information about your drinking water following water service line replacement – June 2024

Información importante sobre su agua potable siguiendo el reemplazo de la línea de servicio de agua – June 2024

Lead Service Line Replacement Authorization Agreement – Spanish

Acuerdo De Autorizacion Para El Reemplazo De La Linea De Servicio De Plomo – 2024

Learn about Service Line Responsibilities

View a graphic on Service Line Responsibilities.

Service Line Replacement Policy

Read the Lead Service Line Replacement Policy.

Our Vehicles & Inspectors

Our team of inspectors wears blue vests with the LCA logo and carries photo ID badges, which you may ask to inspect. They will be driving white trucks with our logo on them. See the image below for an example.

Schedule an Appointment for Inspection

If you weren’t home when we were in your neighborhood you can schedule an inspection on a day that works for you. Schedule now.

Reduce Lead Exposure from Drinking Water

If you have lead pipes in your home, it is important to take steps to reduce exposure to lead in drinking water. Learn how.

Learn more about lead in drinking water on our dedicated webpage.

Using the Pitcher & Filters Provided by LCA

Please carefully review the instructions included with the Brita pitcher and filters provided by LCA. If you need assistance, watch this Brita YouTube video showing how to assemble the pitcher.

If you have questions about lead in drinking water or the lead replacement pilot project, please contact LCA at 610-437-7515 or cityservice@lehighcountyauthority.org.