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Man Sitting On Sofa in flooded room calling a plumber, to accompany an LCA blog post about leaks and service issues.

High Water Bill? Flooding? Leaks? Service Issue Questions? Start Here

LCA frequently receives water service questions related to interior plumbing problems. Sometimes, customers are calling about a leak inside a residence; other times, customers are calling because they see water pooling on a driveway or in the grass. We’ve even had calls from customers concerned about floodwaters that have entered their home during a storm….

An image of prescription pills, for a post about safely disposing of unused medication.

Don’t Flush Unused Medications

Here’s How to Dispose of Them Safely Do you have unused or unneeded medications in your home? If you’re thinking of flushing them down the toilet, STOP. Flushing pharmaceuticals can lead to contamination of water supplies, because wastewater treatment plants were not designed to remove these compounds. Throwing drugs in the trash or leaving them…

A yellow hydrant gushes water across the street. Don't open hydrants to cool off!

No Matter How Hot, Opening a Hydrant Isn’t Cool

2020 has certainly brought its share of challenges, including beating the heat. Pandemic restrictions in place to keep the public safe have prevented most public pools and other swimming areas from opening. Frustrations are rising along with the temperature. Still, while it might be tempting to crack open a fire hydrant and cool off, DON’T….

Where Does My Drinking Water Come From? How LCA Collects, Treats and Transports Your H2O

Water, Water, Everywhere Clean water is one of those things you take for granted: When you walk into the kitchen and turn on the tap, it just flows out. But did you ever stop to wonder, “How did my water get here? Where does drinking water come from?” Over the next few blog posts, we’ll…

Have a Blast, Safely, on Independence Day

This Fourth of July marks the state’s third year under a fireworks law (House Bill 542) that allows residents to legally shoot off bigger, louder and more dangerous displays than have been allowed for the last eight decades. The change means there’s a higher potential for more injuries. Complicating matters is that more people seem…

Capture Free Water for the Garden with a Rain Barrel

There’s been an unprecedented interest in gardening since the COVID-19 restrictions were put in place. Seed supply companies and plant nurseries have been struggling to keep up with the demand. “Not in any recorded history have there been sales at these levels, certainly in the last 20 years,” Dave Thompson, director of sales and operations…

A Simple Sprinkler Spruce-Up Could Save 25,000 Gallons of Water!

Temperatures are rising and lawns and gardens are starting to turn green again, which means we’re entering sprinkler season. But did you know that homes with timer-controlled irrigation systems use about 50 percent more water outdoors than homes without irrigation systems? When it comes to a home’s irrigation system, a little maintenance goes a long…

Tips For Saving Water While Staying at Home

We’re all spending a lot more time at home because of COVID-19, which means we’re all using more water at home, too. And that’s OK — LCA crews are always hard at work, 24-7, to ensure your water is clean and safe. But that doesn’t mean we all shouldn’t be taking steps to conserve water,…

Don’t Be a Drip, Stop Those Drops For “Fix a Leak Week!”

Got leaks? Then it’s a great time to break out the toolkit. This coming Monday kicks off the EPA’s annual Fix a Leak Week, which runs March 16 through March 22 this year.   “Fix a Leak Week is a great time to proactively do some checking to be sure leaks aren’t lurking where you…

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