An Asian senior couple drink a glass of tap water in the kitchen. The photo illustrates an LCA post on Drinking Water Week.

Celebrate Drinking Water Week with LCA!

It’s our favorite time of the year: the American Water Works Association’s annual Drinking Water Week! “Water is not just a resource; water is LIFE,” says LCA Chief Executive Officer Liesel Gross. “Every drop we care for and conserve today helps to ensure a sustainable tomorrow.” Clean, safe water is essential to protecting public health…

LCA’s CEO Featured on Good Morning Lehigh Valley

Liesel Gross discusses infrastructure upgrades, the role of our treatment plants, stormwater vs. sewer, and more. Our CEO Liesel Gross took to the airwaves recently to talk about all things water on “Good Morning Lehigh Valley,” a new radio show hosted by former Lehigh County Commissioner Brad Osborne. To hear the entire interview, please click…

A picture of a young Black girl trying to get a drink from a faucet that has just a trickle of water flowing out, for an LCA post on Imagine a Day Without Water.

It’s Time to Imagine a Day Without Water!

Imagine waking up and finding out there’s no water. No water for the toilet, shower, bath, sinks, icemaker, or even the outside hose. No water for coffee; or filling the pets’ bowl; no water for cooking or cleaning. Now imagine that it’s not just your home, but your entire community: no water for manufacturing; no…

A picture of a young woman with dark hair drinking water after exercising, to illustrate an LCA blog post on Drinking Water Week 2023.

Drinking Water Week is Here!

It’s Drinking Water Week — the American Water Works Association’s annual celebration of the vital and often under-appreciated role that drinking water plays in our daily lives! Clean, safe water is essential to protecting public health and our environment. We literally need clean water to survive—so much so that the Mayo Clinic says the age-old…

A child in the shower with a soapy head cannot rinse because the water stopped, for a post on Imagine a day without water.

This Thursday, Imagine a Day Without Water

Imagine waking up this morning and having no access to water, anywhere — not at home, at work, or anywhere in between. That means there’s no coffee or shower. There’s no way to flush the toilet. No way to wash your hands. No water to put in Fido’s bowl. Now imagine what would happen to hospitals,…

Join Us as We Celebrate Drinking Water Week!

It’s time for one of our favorite events of the year: the American Water Works Association’s Drinking Water Week! Celebrated annually during the first full week of May, 2021’s observance runs today through Friday. Each day this week, we’ll be sharing important information and resources on Facebook and Twitter — even a photo contest and…

LCA Receives $2 Million Boost for Infrastructure Improvement Projects

An LCA project to upgrade three critical water pumps welcomed a $2 million loan from the state this week. The low-cost financing was included in a much larger investment package aimed at infrastructure improvements to aging water systems across Pennsylvania. Projects spanning 11 counties will split $178 million in funding through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment…

Imagine a Day Without Water | LCA

Can You Imagine a Day Without Water?

This year, our country faced an enormous public health crisis from the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout this emergency, utility crews worked tirelessly behind the scenes, and water and wastewater systems kept the water flowing in homes, hospitals, and essential businesses. This crisis demonstrated the critical role that water and wastewater systems play in our communities, protecting…

A yellow hydrant gushes water across the street. LCA crews open hydrants to perform system flushing.

No Matter How Hot, Opening a Hydrant Isn’t Cool

2020 has certainly brought its share of challenges, including beating the heat. Pandemic restrictions in place to keep the public safe have prevented most public pools and other swimming areas from opening. Frustrations are rising along with the temperature. Still, while it might be tempting to crack open a fire hydrant and cool off, DON’T….

On Oct. 23, Imagine a Day Without Water

Can you imagine a day without water? No showers, no morning coffee, no working toilets — not even water for putting out fires. For some people, living without water is a daily reality. Yet most of us take for granted that when we turn on the tap, clean, drinkable water will flow out. That’s why…

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