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A yellow hydrant gushes water across the street. LCA crews open hydrants to perform system flushing.

No Matter How Hot, Opening a Hydrant Isn’t Cool

2020 has certainly brought its share of challenges, including beating the heat. Pandemic restrictions in place to keep the public safe have prevented most public pools and other swimming areas from opening. Frustrations are rising along with the temperature. Still, while it might be tempting to crack open a fire hydrant and cool off, DON’T….

Dumpster pools and hydrants are not the way to chill out

Philadelphia’s Dumpster pools have been all over the news, so it seems a good time to remind everyone (especially with a wave of 90-degree-plus weather predicted for later this week) that it is NOT cool to use hydrants — or Dumpsters — to beat the heat.  While the idea of using a trash receptacle for a pool is…

Don’t forget fire hydrants when you clear snow

Old Man Winter’s here in full force, and boy, does he seem grumpy this year. Snow, ice and frigid temps seem like an almost daily occurance — and there’s more on the way. While shoveling snow is not likely at the top of anyone’s list of fun things to do, it’s a necessary chore. We’d…