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A picture of Christmas trees leaning up against a fence next to trash cans, for an LCA blog on recycling Christmas trees.

Six Tips To Recycle Your Christmas Tree

The holiday decorations are coming down and live Christmas trees are already lining the curbs. But don’t just toss that live tree out with the trash! Consider an eco-friendly solution and recycle your Christmas tree instead. Most municipalities offer curbside pickup of Christmas trees, which are then turned into mulch or compost. Residents of Bethlehem, Allentown and…

A picture of a person raking leaves, for a blog post on going easy on fall cleanup to help beneficial species overwinter.

This Fall, Go Easy on the Lawn and Garden Cleanup

Are you getting ready to tuck your garden beds away for the fall? This year, try taking a more light-handed approach to “garden sanitation”—your back will get a break, and so will Mother Nature. The long-accepted approach to fall lawn and garden care has been to rake every leaf and prune, chop or pull just…

A man spreads fertilizer on a lawn, for an LCA post about proper lawn fertilization to avoid nutrient runoff.

Fertilize Lawns and Gardens Carefully To Avoid Nutrient Pollution

Spring is in full swing, and many of us are getting our lawns and gardens ready for the growing season. One springtime ritual, however, regularly leads to green, polluted waterways: over-fertilization of lawns and gardens. Plant fertilizers contain nitrogen and phosphorus, nutrients that are major sources of pollution in waterways. When too much fertilizer is…

A picture of a raised bed vegetable garden in a patch of lawn, to illustrate an LCA post on converting your lawn.

Tired of Mowing? Sick of Watering? Convert Your Lawn!

Spring is just around the corner. Are you dreaming about mowing the lawn every week yet? No? Then maybe it’s time to convert your lawn into something more beneficial (and less time-consuming) instead. If you love your sod, we get it. The American Dream has long been characterized by a house with a white picket…

A picture of a Eurasion Coot sitting on a nest that includes plastic trash such as straws, for an LCA post on Skip the Straw Day.

Skip the Straw — Today, and Every Day

Can you guess the item that routinely makes the “Top Ten” most-collected items list during the Ocean Conservancy’s yearly International Coastal Cleanup? If you had breakfast, lunch or dinner at a restaurant today, you probably saw or used one: the plastic straw/stirrer. And over the last 35 years, costal cleanup volunteers have collected nearly 14…

A picture of hands forming a heart over a body of water, for an LCA post on showing your water love on Valentine's Day.

Show Your Water Some Love for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, show some love to one of the most important things in your life: water! Water is crucial to your everyday existence. It makes up between 55 percent and 78 percent of your body weight, and you literally cannot survive much more than three days without it. In fact, the Mayo clinic states…

A picture of a Christmas tree in a recycling bin, for an LCA post on recycling Christmas trees.

Keep the Holidays Green: Recycle That Christmas Tree!

The holiday season is wrapping up, and lots of folks are already kicking their Christmas trees to the curb. But if you have a live tree, please don’t just toss it out with the trash! There are lots of eco-friendly solutions that will not only keep your tree out of the landfill, but help the environment, too….

A picture of a cooked turkey for an LCA post about not pouring FOG — fats, oil, grease — down the drain after cooking.

Avoid The Holiday FOG!

No, we’re not talking about the brain fog and sleepiness that too much turkey and football brings on. We’re talking about the fats, oils and grease that commonly get dumped down the drain during those big holiday meals. Many plumbing companies across the country report that Thanksgiving and the days after it are among their…

A leaf blower pushes fall leaves into a pile, for an LCA story on composting leaves.

Leave Those Leaves on the Lawn!

It’s that time of the time of year when the trees are shedding their coats of many colors—which means lots of raking, bagging, and sometimes, burning of fall leaves. It’s an old ritual—homeowners have been obsessing over perfectly manicured lawns for more than a century, and every fall folks do their best to keep anything…

A digital picture of a hand holding a tree whose roots are water and lead to a faucet dripping water, for an LCA post on Source Water Protection.

Join Us For Source Water Protection Week

Join us as we celebrate the American Water Works Association’s second Source Water Protection Week! The best way to ensure that we all have access to safe, high-quality drinking water at the tap is to “protect the source.” That means keeping our rivers, lakes and underground wells free from pollution — and it requires a concerted,…

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