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An Asian senior couple drink a glass of tap water in the kitchen. The photo illustrates an LCA post on Drinking Water Week.

Celebrate Drinking Water Week with LCA!

It’s our favorite time of the year: the American Water Works Association’s annual Drinking Water Week! “Water is not just a resource; water is LIFE,” says LCA Chief Executive Officer Liesel Gross. “Every drop we care for and conserve today helps to ensure a sustainable tomorrow.” Clean, safe water is essential to protecting public health…

A man in a blue hat fixes a leaking faucet in this picture for LCA's Fix a Leak Week 2024 blog post.

Time to Track Down Those Costly Drips — It’s Fix a Leak Week!

It’s time for one of our favorite events of the year — the EPA WaterSense annual Fix a Leak Week! Join us as we share tips for finding and fixing household leaks that are wasting water and costing you money. Did you know household leaks can waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide? In your…

A picture of a young Black girl trying to get a drink from a faucet that has just a trickle of water flowing out, for an LCA post on Imagine a Day Without Water.

It’s Time to Imagine a Day Without Water!

Imagine waking up and finding out there’s no water. No water for the toilet, shower, bath, sinks, icemaker, or even the outside hose. No water for coffee; or filling the pets’ bowl; no water for cooking or cleaning. Now imagine that it’s not just your home, but your entire community: no water for manufacturing; no…

A picture of three older adults, laughing and taking a break from exercising and drinking water, to illustrate an LCA post on National Water Quality Month.

It’s Time to Celebrate National Water Quality Month!

It’s National Water Quality Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the vital role that clean, high-quality water plays in all of our lives. National Water Quality Month, which occurs every August, can be traced back to two Congressional acts passed in the early 1970s in an effort to protect our water sources. In 1972,…

A picture of a young woman with dark hair drinking water after exercising, to illustrate an LCA blog post on Drinking Water Week 2023.

Drinking Water Week is Here!

It’s Drinking Water Week — the American Water Works Association’s annual celebration of the vital and often under-appreciated role that drinking water plays in our daily lives! Clean, safe water is essential to protecting public health and our environment. We literally need clean water to survive—so much so that the Mayo Clinic says the age-old…

A picture of a woman examining her sink for leaks to illustrate an LCA post on Fix a Leak Week 2023.

Find Those Leaks — and Fix Them!

It’s the EPA’s 15th annual Fix A Leak Week. Did you know that household leaks can waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water nationwide every year? That’s why we set aside one week every March for the EPA’s annual Fix a Leak Week. This year we’re hunting down leaks from March 20-26, but remember: You can…

A picture of hands forming a heart over a body of water, for an LCA post on showing your water love on Valentine's Day.

Show Your Water Some Love for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, show some love to one of the most important things in your life: water! Water is crucial to your everyday existence. It makes up between 55 percent and 78 percent of your body weight, and you literally cannot survive much more than three days without it. In fact, the Mayo clinic states…

A cartoon image of a tap dripping water for an LCA post on water conservation during the drought watch.

Here’s How You Can Conserve Water During the Drought Watch

It’s dry out there! So dry that the state Department of Environmental Protection has announced that Lehigh and 35 other counties—including Berks, Bucks, Northampton, and Monroe—are under a drought watch. LCA is not experiencing any system-specific issues related to supplying our customers with water, but we are asking ALL customers to immediately begin to conserve…

An image of a clean, high quality stream for an LCA blog post on Water Quality Month.

Join Us In Celebrating Water Quality Month

August is National Water Quality Month — a time to remember that it takes much more than just turning on a tap to ensure access to clean, high-quality water. Did you know that when you include drinking, cleaning, bathing, and toilets, the average American uses about 82 gallons of water a day? And all that…

A graphic that shows tips to tune up outdoor irrigation systems for a post about Sprinkler Spruce Up for LCA..

Spruce up Your Sprinklers for Spring!

As the weather gets warmer, our thoughts turn to green lawns and lush gardens. And for many folks, that means relying on automatic irrigation systems to keep everything well-watered.   But before you switch on those sprinklers, taking a few minutes to ensure they’re working properly can save you a lot of water (and money)…

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