water safety

A yellow hydrant gushes water across the street. Don't open hydrants to cool off!

No Matter How Hot, Opening a Hydrant Isn’t Cool

2020 has certainly brought its share of challenges, including beating the heat. Pandemic restrictions in place to keep the public safe have prevented most public pools and other swimming areas from opening. Frustrations are rising along with the temperature. Still, while it might be tempting to crack open a fire hydrant and cool off, DON’T….

Attack of the Pink Slime? Don’t Be Alarmed!

We occasionally get calls from concerned customers asking about a pink, slimy substance that forms in pet water dishes, around toilet bowls and drains, on tiles and in shower stalls. So what’s the source of this gruesome goo? We can assure you of two things: 1.) It’s not caused by anything in the water you’re…

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