Prevent Winter Water Woes & Frozen Meters!

When temperatures take a dip ALL kinds of things can go wrong if you are not prepared! Frozen pipes & a broken water meter can cause disruptions, frustration, and extra expenses!

A frozen pipe or water meter that bursts can result in thousands of gallons of water flooding your home, causing extensive damage and possibly insurance claims! Suddenly you could have:

  • No water!
  • Time off from work!
  • Expenses to fix the damage and pay for a new water meter!
  • A service visit fee for LCA to fix the broken meter!
  • Loss of personal property!

Remember, the customer is responsible for the prevention of damage to the water meter, which is owned by LCA!

If the meter freezes and breaks, the property owner will pay the replacement cost for the broken, damaged meter (Approximately $300.00, depending on meter size!) AND a $50 site visit fee to install! ($150 for after-hours, weekends, and Holidays!)

There is very clear evidence when a water meter has frozen! The frost plate on the bottom of the meter is designed to expand and break open.
Customers sometimes call us to report a leaking meter, but upon investigation, we discover the broken frost plate and conclude the meter had frozen.
Meter replacement cost and a site visit fee will apply if our investigation concludes the meter is damaged from freezing.
Photo: The bottom of the water meter shows a cracked frost plate.

Watch our”how to” video:

Easy Steps to Protect Your Pipes & Water Meter from FREEZING!

More Tips

  • Add insulation products made to fit pipes in a variety of sizes, protecting them from exposure to colder air. Find them at any hardware or home supply store.
  • Make your own meter and pipe insulation with old blankets, shirts, rags, pool noodles, newspaper, and duct tape!
  • If your water meter is in a cold basement or crawl space, let some warm air in, or use a small, portable heater! You’ll want to check on it often!
  • Seal off any drafts or gaps where cold air comes in!
  • Open the door between rooms in your basement to let warm air in.
  • Electric heat tape is another solution, and available at most hardware stores!

On the outside of your home:

  • Turn off all outside spigots from inside the home!
  • Disconnect hoses from all outdoor faucets!
  • Add a foam cover for insulation on the outside for additional protection!

If your water meter freezes…

  1. Thaw it using a hairdryer or small heater, but never an open flame!
  2. Thaw slowly because heating pipes too fast can cause them to burst!
  3. Contact LCA as soon as possible to replace the damaged meter.
    *We cannot work on a frozen meter or pipes – it must be thawed first!
  4. If the meter is leaking, turn off the main water source until help arrives!

*Plumbers and plumbing companies are not authorized to repair or replace LCA water meters!

Take steps now to prepare for colder temperatures, prevent costly repairs, and avoid the inconvenience of a broken water meter or frozen pipes!