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Careers in water and wastewater services make an impact on everyday life, and protect public health and the environment!


No one can live without it. Each and every day our team of awesome employees supports the operation and delivery of high-quality, safe, and reliable water and wastewater services to our community. The Lehigh Valley is home to many major industries, including beverage manufacturing, all supported by the water we deliver!

As parts of the Lehigh Valley grow, we have an important role in planning and ensuring adequate supply and reliable service for current and future customers.

Our work directly impacts the health of our environment through the management of wastewater treatment and overseeing regulatory compliance for industrial waste.

Get ready for your career in the water industry!

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Graduating high school?

We have positions in customer service, metering, and operations.

Going to trade school?

Study plumbing, welding, mechanics, or heavy equipment operation, then come work in water!

Want to work in a treatment plant and make safe tap water?

Take the fast track into water operations by taking courses at Reading Area Community College or the Sacramento State Operator Training distance learning courses.

Going to college?

There are many degree programs that fit into the water sector! Here is a list of some of the degrees held by our employees:

  • Accounting / Economics
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Chemistry / Forensic Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Engineering
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Information Technology

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