Electronics Recycling & Document Shredding in Lower Macungie

The Lower Macungie Township Environmental Advisory Council is hosting an Electronics Recycling event this Saturday, March 17, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

There is NO CHARGE to drop off your used electronics for proper recycling.  This collection will be held at the Lower Macungie Community Center, 3400 Brookside Road. The Community Center is on the right, up on the hill, after you pull
into the driveway.  This collection is NOT limited to Lower Macungie residents.

Residents can drop off their electronics for recycling.  Bring your old TVs, PCs, stereos, cords, cables, scanners, printers, and anything else electronic.  But please no refrigerators (or anything else containing Freon), no loose batteries of any kind, and no light bulbs of any kind.  Please tell your neighbors too.

There is also going to be document shredding/recycling happening at the same time in the parking lot of the township offices (on the left side of the driveway as you pull in from Brookside Road).  However, the shredding event is limited to
township residents, but it is FREE for Lower Macungie residents.