A novel idea: This book’s pages actually purify water

Talk about a good book: a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Virginia, the charity Water is Life and The Drinkable Book project resulted in a book that not only provides information on clean water, but can actually be used to purify up to four years worth of clean water.

You read that correctly. The pages in the book can actually be used to purify contaminated water.  

Photo courtesy Water is Life
Photo courtesy Water is Life

According to a blog on Green Tech, “the paper can be printed with details and information in an area’s native language, detailing how to keep existing water supplies cleaner, how to use the filters, and what diseases filtered water can prevent. So the filters act as communication devices in and of themselves.”  And the chemicals used to purify the water are “safe, renewable, and nontoxic.”

 Now that’s a reading project we can really get behind.

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