LCA Recognized for Watershed Stewardship, Sustainability

Lehigh County Authority is one of just 65 water utilities across the country to be recognized for watershed stewardship and resource recovery by the Utility of the Future Today program.

The “Utility of the Future Today recognition program celebrates the achievements of water utilities that transform from a traditional wastewater treatment system to a resource recovery center and leader in the overall sustainability and resilience of the communities they serve,” the Water Research Foundation states on its website.

The recognition is for changes to the waste program at LCA’s Industrial Wastewater Pre-Treatment Plant that ended landfill disposal of trash. Instead of sending garbage to a landfill, it gets sent to a waste-to-energy facility.

Sustainable Waste Solutions, which is located in Souderton, Pa., explains that it “takes solid waste and creates energy, typically in the form of electricity, from the combustion of that waste. Waste is transferred into combustion chambers where it is reduced to 10 percent of its original volume. The heat generated within the combustion chambers heats water contained in steel tubes located along the perimeter of the boiler. This hot water turns to steam, which is filtered through a turbine that continuously generates electricity.”

“Each of the utilities being recognized as Utility of Future Today honorees are leading the way towards a more sustainable future that protects public health and the environment in the communities they serve,” says Water Research Foundation CEO Peter Grevatt in a statement on its website. “The Water Research Foundation is delighted to join in the celebration of their exciting accomplishments!”