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Lots of Rain = Lots of Mosquitoes. Here’s How to Fight Back

With all the rain we’ve been having this summer, you can be sure the mosquitoes are out in full force. Torrential downpours have left standing water anywhere it can pool: in puddles, in discarded tires, in tree stumps, in the folds of tarps, even in toys left outside. They all make perfect breeding grounds for…

When you water the garden, don’t forget the birds

We write often about alternative ways to provide plenty of water for your garden plants. But what about the birds, which help with pollination, keep destructive insects at bay and spread seeds? A recent article from Rodale’s Organic Gardening made us realize that we all can do more to keep our feathered friends happy. One of the biggest…

Don’t bug out, it’s just a cicada swarm

Get ready for a chitinous cacophony over the next several weeks. Billions of Brood II Magicicada cicadas will be emerging from the ground and striking up an amorous, clamorous chorus as the insects attempt to carry on their species. Have no fear; these cicadas are not interested in you or (for the most part) your plants….