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A picture of a person raking leaves, for a blog post on going easy on fall cleanup to help beneficial species overwinter.

This Fall, Go Easy on the Lawn and Garden Cleanup

Are you getting ready to tuck your garden beds away for the fall? This year, try taking a more light-handed approach to “garden sanitation”—your back will get a break, and so will Mother Nature. The long-accepted approach to fall lawn and garden care has been to rake every leaf and prune, chop or pull just…

A leaf blower pushes fall leaves into a pile, for an LCA story on composting leaves.

Leave Those Leaves on the Lawn!

It’s that time of the time of year when the trees are shedding their coats of many colors—which means lots of raking, bagging, and sometimes, burning of fall leaves. It’s an old ritual—homeowners have been obsessing over perfectly manicured lawns for more than a century, and every fall folks do their best to keep anything…