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A picture of someone cleaning up pine needles with dustpan and brush for an LCA post on recycling your Christmas tree.

Simple Tricks to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

When the holidays are over and you’ve finally had it with the pine needles, don’t just toss that tree out with the trash. There are plenty of eco-friendly solutions to help you recycle your Christmas tree instead: You could take the holiday spirit outside by decorating the tree with edible treats for birds and wildlife;…

A picture of a live Christmas tree left on the curb for recycling. LCA

Don’t Trash That Christmas Tree! Recycle It Instead

The pine needles are piling up and it’s about time to put away the holiday decorations. But if you have a live Christmas tree, don’t just toss it out with the trash! There are quite a few eco-friendly solutions to consider instead. In fact, most municipalities offer curbside pickup of Christmas trees, which are then…