Articles point out importance of quality water, wastewater services to region’s economy

extraextra Lehigh County Authority is in the news!

The Morning Call did a series of articles over the weekend as part of their LV Outlook 2015 section,  which focused on the beverage manufacturing boom in LCA’s service area.

As our customers may know, we provide water and wastewater services to many of the beverage and food manufacturing companies in the region. Several articles pointed out the importance of these services to the economic growth and sustainability of these industries — and the importance of their growth to the Lehigh Valley’s economy.

The articles point out that food and beverage production has replaced Bethlehem Steel and other heavy industries that used to power the Valley’s economy. In fact, it turns out that the 20 beverage manufacturing companies here place us second out of 22 Pennsylvania beverage manufacturing regions. Lehigh County, one article states, is home to more drink manufacturers (17) than any other county in the state.

Check them out, and be sure to read the piece by LCA CEO Aurel Arndt — on the how the services we provide not only contribute to, but are critical for the industry’s growth.