The land of 10,000 lakes — and a lot of pollutants, too

Apparently not even the far reaches of Minnesota — known as “the land of 10,000 lakes” — can escape source water pollution. A story from Pollution Online  states that scientists have found a host of drugs in 11 lakes and four rivers, even in remote areas. Among the drugs found were those used in certain X-rays, diabetes treatments, and illegal street drugs like cocaine. Also found were chemicals such as DEET, a host of disinfectants,  hormones and more. 

The next phase of the study, the report states, will be to determine how the chemicals got there, and what affect they may be having on fish and wildlife, as well as human health. 

It’s a study that underlines the importance of source water protection. This includes the use of  buffer zones to slow down and filter runoff; proper disposal of chemicals and medications to ensure they don’t pollute our water supplies; reducing nutrient pollution, such as fertilizers, that are entering our waterways; and, of course, conserving water — using less means lowering the chances of adding more pollutants.  

If you’d like to learn what we’re doing to help facilitate source water protection, please contact us. We’ll be happy to share our source water protection plan with you.