No back yard? No problem – you can compost almost anywhere

At LCA, we’re always looking for ways to reduce the use of fertilizers — and it’s no secret we’re big fans of composting

But not everyone has an ample back yard, and not every municipality allows compost piles. So what can a would-be composter do? Here are a few ideas.

Drop it off

A number of places in the Lehigh Valley allow you to bring yard waste and other items to them, as well as pick up completed compost for your garden. Be sure to carefully review the dos and don’ts before you go there, though. Click on each link for information.

Options for restaurants, offices

Restaurants in Easton now have the option for compost pickup, according to The Morning Call. Similar services are also offered for residents in some larger cities, though we haven’t found any in the Lehigh Valley area yet. 

Restaurants and offices can also use a composting machine — who knew? The company at the link makes several options and is just one example; there are a number of other companies out there with similar products.

Create compost right in your home or apartment

You can also compost food scraps right in your own home.  Some are machines you can plug in and set up on your countertop; others are more affordable options that require human interaction. (Bonus: The link above has suggestions for outdoor setups as well.)

Another option we’ve seen is called Bokashi composting. Essentially, you put scraps into a bucket, add some special starter that’s been dosed with microbes, and viola! The magic happens over 10-12 days. It’s not finished, though — you then need to bury what’s left in the bucket — not helpful if you don’t have a yard or garden. Also, during the composting period, you need to drain off the liquid that’s generated — apparently it can be used as a fertilizer. You can read more about it at Compost Guy.

If you have a little space outdoors, and your municipality allows them, you can always purchase (or build) a compost bin. Most big-box home improvement stores have them, as do some hardware stores. You can also find them online. There are different types depending on your needs. Read more about them at DIY Network.

Composting is a great way to reduce the amount of trash that’s going to landfills, as well as provide a natural way to provide your garden with the nutrients it needs.