Do You Know How to Spot a Fake Utility Worker?

An image of a Lehigh County Authority work truck, clearly showing the LCA logo and motto, for a post on avoiding utility scams.

It’s a common scam: Someone knocks at your door, claims to be a utility worker, and asks to come inside to check water or sewer lines, or take a water sample. Sometimes, they’ll claim they’re collecting on overdue water bills and demand cash. While the homeowner is distracted, they or an accomplice steal money or valuables.

Don’t be fooled: LCA employees will ALWAYS have an ID, and they will never collect money at your door. 

Here are five tips to help you spot a scammer posing as an LCA employee:

Did you request service from LCA? 

Unless there is a true emergency (such as a major water main break or sewer backup), LCA service technicians usually visit customers only upon request, most often with a confirmed appointment.

Our vehicles, like the one at right and in the main picture, above, all have the Lehigh County Authority logo on the side.

We will occasionally visit a property without an appointment to investigate a malfunctioning water meter. Follow the other tips, below, to identify a legitimate LCA worker and avoid a scam.

What time is it?

LCA service technicians work during the hours of 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Any visits by LCA employees to your property after hours or on weekends would be due to an emergency or upon your request.

Did you pay your bill? 

LCA service technicians may visit properties without a confirmed appointment to turn water off for non-payment. If you have paid your account in full, it is highly unlikely an LCA employee will need to visit your property unannounced. And if we are visiting to turn water off, we don’t knock on doors or ask to come inside! 

Service termination warning notices are provided to customers in writing and by phone, and when water is turned off it is at the curb box near the street.

Always ask for ID! 

All LCA technicians carry photo ID issued by LCA, and they will gladly allow you to inspect it upon request.

LCA crew members will have a uniform with our logo, and carry a photo ID, like the one at left, that you can ask for.

Our technicians also drive vehicles that are marked with our characteristic logo.

Call LCA to Confirm!

Even if the technician shows ID, if you’re still not sure, or something seems off, contact LCA’s customer service department to confirm the employee works for LCA and the reason for his/her visit to your property before allowing them in your home.

To reach LCA, call 610-437-7515 for Allentown customers or 610-398-1444 for suburban customers.