LCA cares about customer safety

Lehigh County Authority takes your safety and security seriously. That’s why we want you to be aware of a few simple guidelines our employees always follow:

Our employees wear shirts and jackets with the LCA logo, and they carry LCA-issued identification. We do not publicize what our ID card looks like so that it cannot be duplicated. ART05 copy

We will never arrive at your house unannounced and ask to come in to look at a meter, water lines, a sewer main, or anything else.

We would come to a customer’s house if:

  • We have an appointment to address a request to troubleshoot a meter issue.
  • There has been an emergency request by the customer to address a problem such as a lack of water, a leak, or a sewer backup.
  • There has been a water main break in the area. In this case, our employees might go door-to-door to let people know that they may be out of water, but they would not need to come inside.
  • If we’re turning water service on or off because of some other issue, such as nonpayment or a service line leak.


If you’re not sure whether someone is an LCA employee, call us immediately at 610-437-7515 (Allentown) or 610-398-2503 (suburban) and ask. We can verify whether that person is an employee there on legitimate LCA business. Safety is our priority, and it should be yours, too. Always check identities before letting anyone in your house who claims to be a utility worker.