Boil Advisory LIFTED – Heidelberg Heights Division – 7/27/14

7/27/14 – UPDATE – The boil advisory that was issued for the Heidelberg Heights development on Wednesday has been lifted after LCA completed two days of water quality testing that showed no signed of bacteria in the tap water. You may return to normal water usage at this time.

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7/23/14 -A boil advisory has been issued following a water system outage that occurred this evening, on Wednesday, July 23, 2014.  This notice applies only to those customers who live in the Heidelberg Heights development in Heidelberg Township.

Some customers experienced a disruption in water service or loss of pressure while the local power supply was interrupted. Please conserve water and follow the instructions below for boiling your water until further notice.

As a result of this service disruption, we may not be able to achieve proper disinfection of your water system, and there is an increased chance that your water may contain disease-causing organisms. We are issuing this Boil Water Advisory until 2 days of water quality tests have been completed to ensure no contamination has occurred.

Click here to download the full notice and instructions.