An interactive map of the Little Lehigh

The map below illustrates how the Little Lehigh (dark blue) flows from Berks County and through our service area before eventually connecting with the Lehigh River in Allentown. Tributaries are in light blue. The red lines indicate transmission mains.

The map is interactive. Use the >> function in the map’s upper left corner to turn on and turn off various layers. Use + and – to zoom in and out.

Pictures of the creek (noted with green dots) were taken on November 22 — before the very welcome rains of this week. They show a variety of conditions. To view the pictures, click on a green dot. A small box will pop up with information about the location and as well as an observation. Use the scroll bar at the right of the small box to go to the bottom of the box. Click on the link under “Attachments” to view the photo from that location.


 If you have pictures of your own, please e-mail them to us and indicate the date, your location and which direction you were facing. Thanks!