2020 Drinking Water Quality Reports Available

A photo of a woman drinking tap water, to illustrate the post "Drinking water quality reports are available."

Lehigh County Authority’s water quality reports for calendar year 2020 are available for download, and are also being mailed out to all customers. To download, simply go to the Your Drinking Water page and click on your municipality. Read the short description, then click on “Download your annual water quality report.”

The reports detail the results of LCA’s extensive testing to ensure that your water meets all state and federal standards for quality and safety. We’re happy to report that in all cases, the water LCA provides meets or exceeds those guidelines.

LCA checks for organic and organic contaminants (such as nitrates and chlorine), water hardness and pH. Each report contains a list of abbreviations and definitions to help you better understand the test results, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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